Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well the plan was to write this every week, and as we can all tell, that has not happened ! I don't know where the weeks go, I was always told when I was younger that times goes faster when you get older, and I never believed them, well now, I am that older person and it's true ! Since I last wrote I have had a fantastic trip back to the UK to see family and friends. Unfortunately there was not enough time to see everyone I wanted too, again it comes back to time going by so quickly. For those I did see, thank you for helping me have a great week and to recuperate and for those I didn't, you will top of my list next time.

Whilst home in England the main purpose was to rest which I did lots of, but I also had the opportunity to see all the family and have our own mini Christmases. Lots of presents were exchanged and we were all spoilt. The best part was though, that all the hand made gifts I made were also opened by the recipients, so I can share them with you all now, as they have seen them.

The biggest things I made were 4 individual calenders for Mum, Rose, Chris and Karin. These took many many hours and sorting of the photos was one of the most difficult things. Here are a couple of sample pages to show you. I would not dare to bore you with all 48 pages and 578 letters I cut just for the months ! I did not want to count how many letters in total, think I would have scared myself !

I find making (or buying) presents for my Dad really hard, don't we all?. My Mum came up with the idea of altering his diary, he actually writes in his every day. This one is well travelled, to ensure that the holidays etc were marked correctly my mum posted an English diary to me , I then altered it and took it back with me. A well travelled diary ! I put pictures of all his children and husbands in the front and ALL his grandchildren in the back. This means he can take a look at his family on a daily basis. I think he really liked it.

A candle was next on the list for Kerry, she is really enjoying her time meditating so I thought she could use this, however she has already said she will never burn it ! The saying ' Just for today' is her favourite and it is written in both English and Japanese.

It was also Chris's birthday just before we arrived, so she got double presents! We all love the 2 pictures used here and I went with the idea of making a clock to show how precious Grandparent time is. This is the 1st clock I have ever made. I am pleased with how it turned out although I have learned things from it on how to make a better job next time.

Well now back home and hopefully back to work finally this week I needed to finish a couple of orders I had for people at work. 1st to be done were these Princess paper dolls. I love them, and I really hope the little girl gets as much pleasure playing with them as I did making them.

Anything you see on my site can be orderedand personalised, if you are interested in anything to buy or would like more details on how I made them just e-mail me at

Well as today is my last official day on medical leave (here's hoping) I better put my time to good use and go clean the house...... on 2nd thoughts I am going to be crafty ALL day hehehe

Thanks for taking the time to look


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