Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well thats another couple of weeks gone flying by, soon the shops will be full of Halloween and Chistmas (sorry wont mention it again) goodies but I am certainly not thinking about that yet. It has been a busy couple of weeks, we had my sister to stay, John and I both became another year older and Hannah left for University to do her Junior year. It's no wonder John and I are feeling tired. I have still had a little time to do some crafting so will share some pictures of what I've been up to along with some great pictures of my birthday celebrations.

Ok, so yes I got a Tattoo.... YIKES ! It has been a long time coming and I have been thinking about it for a few years on and off, but finally decided having had a pretty rough year I would get this one to mark my birthday and to celebrate having survived this last year and to remind me that I can continue to fight. The Dragonfly is to represent freedom and the 2 small hearts are to show my love for John and Hannah. A bit soppy I know but its for me and no-one else.

We had a great night out at Kouzzina, the new greek restaurant by Cat Cora at the Boardwalk. The food was fantastic and I would recommend it to all.

Now for what you really have come to see, here are some of my little craft projects I have made over the last couple of weeks, not much due to how busy we have been.

These Frames have all been made as orders for people at work, some are being used as photo frames and others as this Donald one, are being used to hold Post It Notes. Both work really well just using a clear plastic free standing photo frame.

This next project is my 1st attempt at a word book , using the Cricut and the Design Studio on my computer. Once I had finally got to grips with merging my letters using the kerning button the rest went together really easily and I am looking forward to trying it with longer names. Look out, these could be your Christmas presents this year.... opps mentioned that time of year again when I said I wouldn't.

Mum if you see these pictures before it arrives...... surprise a little gift from me to you XXX

Well I think that about wraps up my week, back up to Gainesville at the weekend to finish putting shelves up for Hannah, but hope to have some more time to finish a couple of projects I am working on.

Have a good week


Friday, August 14, 2009

Well another week has passed and unfortunately I have really not had much time to do any craft work. My sister Kerry arrived with her hubby Neil and son Bradley this week and it is sooooo nice to see some family, that is the hardest part about living away from the UK. Thank God for msn and web cams which make it all a bit more bearable. Just a couple of pictures to post this time so here goes..
I have made this frame for Kerry as a belated birthday pressie, she really seemed to like it, and for those who are not aware Kerry and I are actually 'step' sisters (how I hate that word !) but you would never know it. We have been together since I was 6. The sentiment on this frame is so relevant for us.

This card below is for a friend at work (Disney) who loves Belle, she would actually make a very good Belle. Happy Birthday Jenny !

The last one for today is an order I had to make a wedding card. I got the inspriation from the Cricut website, thanks to Tracey Gough, here's a link to her blog

I hope you can see on these pictures that I used embossed paper then highlighted it with 'stickles' and black crystals.
Well thats me done for this blog, will catch up again sometime next week.
Thanks for looking

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A mid week update

Thought I would take a few mins to just update my blog with a few extra pictures that are around. As I said before I have been busy making some of these Paper Dolls for people at work, so here are some more examples. All of these have been made to order. The 'Kiss' ones are for the husband of a work friend who is obsessed with the band.

This one is of Jason, another Brit at work who has an obsession with 'skips' so I took an empty packet and tried the old trick of shrinking it in the oven. It didn't work quite as well as I expected but you get the idea.

I might add , he wanted to be done with a miserable face, it was not my interpretation of how he looked.

This one is supposed to be Dr Who, Peter Davison, again for someone at work. I think this one turned out well when you compare it to the pictures of him I could find on the internet.

Now for a couple of cards I have made, this was for a friend who is expecting her 1st baby, which is obvioulsy going to be a girl ( well lets hope so now !)

This is my MIL's birthday card for this year, I am finding harder and harder to make for the family as I am worried I will repeat a style, mind you with my family I am sure they would soon let me know !

Thanks to all the people over on the Cricut message board I have also been picking up general craft ideas and playing around with them. This was my 1st 'Post It' holder and was so easy to do. Again I made this for a Jason, my Brit friend at work. It sits very nicely on his desk and as yet it has not been stolen, broken or removed, which is nothing short of a miracle ! I am beginning to take orders all over the place of these as early gifts for Christmas, so get your order in now if your interested. You can have any colours or designs including most 'Disney Characters'

Well I guess I better stop rambling and get on with some more work. Really getting excited now as family arrive in just 6 days. I also hope to catch up with an old 'pen friend' I have known since I was 11 who happens to be coming to Orlando for a holiday. I have not met up with Jacqui for more years than I care to think about so it will be a nice opportunity to see how our lives have changed. All this excitment in 1 week ! I better start getting some early nights. Will try to post again at the weekend.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Flies By So Quickly

I can't quite believe more than a month has gone by since my 1st blog and I have not managed to write anything ! Life has been busy but not as much as its going to be in the next couple of weeks as I have family coming over on vacation. This I am really looking forward to, but it means I have to be super organized before they get here to get all my work up to date as when family visit especially when you live so close to Disney, there is certainly no time for crafting.

I have been working a lot on Paper Dolls using my Cricut and selling them at work. Take a look at my pictures. Also I made my 1st ever Diaper cake, really pleased with how that turned out. there are also a couple of pictures of random cards I have made over the last month.

On my next blog I shoul be able to give you my new e-bay store.... All this technical stuff plus crafting I soon wont have time for real work !