Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy New Year !

Well as you can see those New Years resolutions did not last very well, already we are 1 month into the New Year and this is the 1st time I have got round to writing. It has been a weird month so far with record cold temperatures here in Florida and more snow than I have ever seen back in the UK, maybe there is more to the changing weather climates than we all care to think about. Along with the cold weather everyone seems to be suffering with the sniffles, to those who are unwell I hope you soon feel better. My DH, John has now gone back to the UK for a month to sort a few things out, boy am I missing him. you would think it would give me so much more time to write this and and to craft but somehow I keep filling my days and I'm not really sure what with. Unusually for me I have been going to the gym and doing some exercise at home and I have been starting to prepare for doing my 1st ever 5k fun run. Well for those who know me well, you will understand this is a big achievement for me that I am even able to contemplate it, lets hope I can actually do it.

I have made a decision to finally really work on getting my business working and the 1st step is to take some things along to a Farmers market / arts and crafts fair that is nearby every Sunday so I am starting to work on products for that.

The 1st few pictures are of some glass etching I have been doing using the Cricut to cut the stencils, it is really easy to do and so effective.

I have also been making some Valentines cards to put in a shop nearby that hols a basket of my cards, I really need to make a few more and maybe take them into work. I really love the 'Bee Mine' one, it turned out really well however the LOVE ones are probably more my usual style.

This frame was made using the 'Hello Kitty' cartridge which is adorable, I know these will sell well as I already have an order for 1 at work. the frame is from Micheal's and I just covered it using Bo Bunny paper which is always such good quality.
I am going to leave it here for this post so that I can continue to make some more products for the upcoming fair.

I hope you all have a great week and I really will try harder at keeping this up to date.

Thanks for stopping by