Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well thats another couple of weeks gone flying by, soon the shops will be full of Halloween and Chistmas (sorry wont mention it again) goodies but I am certainly not thinking about that yet. It has been a busy couple of weeks, we had my sister to stay, John and I both became another year older and Hannah left for University to do her Junior year. It's no wonder John and I are feeling tired. I have still had a little time to do some crafting so will share some pictures of what I've been up to along with some great pictures of my birthday celebrations.

Ok, so yes I got a Tattoo.... YIKES ! It has been a long time coming and I have been thinking about it for a few years on and off, but finally decided having had a pretty rough year I would get this one to mark my birthday and to celebrate having survived this last year and to remind me that I can continue to fight. The Dragonfly is to represent freedom and the 2 small hearts are to show my love for John and Hannah. A bit soppy I know but its for me and no-one else.

We had a great night out at Kouzzina, the new greek restaurant by Cat Cora at the Boardwalk. The food was fantastic and I would recommend it to all.

Now for what you really have come to see, here are some of my little craft projects I have made over the last couple of weeks, not much due to how busy we have been.

These Frames have all been made as orders for people at work, some are being used as photo frames and others as this Donald one, are being used to hold Post It Notes. Both work really well just using a clear plastic free standing photo frame.

This next project is my 1st attempt at a word book , using the Cricut and the Design Studio on my computer. Once I had finally got to grips with merging my letters using the kerning button the rest went together really easily and I am looking forward to trying it with longer names. Look out, these could be your Christmas presents this year.... opps mentioned that time of year again when I said I wouldn't.

Mum if you see these pictures before it arrives...... surprise a little gift from me to you XXX

Well I think that about wraps up my week, back up to Gainesville at the weekend to finish putting shelves up for Hannah, but hope to have some more time to finish a couple of projects I am working on.

Have a good week



  1. I really like the word book. Excellent job!

  2. I just adore the Belle / Beast card you made. Can you PLEASE post the dimensions, folds, etc. Thank you!