Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi to all, the weather here in Florida is finally cooling down just a few degrees, its been a really nice week here. Still too hot to be outside for too long but the evenings are beginning to draw in and with the darker evenings the cooler weather starts. How I just love still getting up every morning to clear blue skies, it really makes your day start well.

I decided this week to have a really good tidy up in my craft room and as it looked so nice and clear, I took some photos to show you all where I create all my bits and pieces. Believe me it never stays this tidy for long. I am one very lucky lady to have all this space and an ever patient husband when I tell him 'I really do need another set of drawers.' Having showed a couple of people at work some pictures they all commented how organised I was, well let me tell you with this much stuff I really need to be or I would never find anything. I think that probably 98% of all this craft stuff was actually shipped here from the UK. The only real additions since we have been here is my Cricut and cartridges, oh and of course paper. I will NEVER have too much paper. My motto is to 'always buy 2 sheets, one to cut and one to look at'.

I have still been busy making photo and Post It note frames for friends, family and orders from people at work. They are just so easy to make yet very effective. As my daughter now goes to the University of Florida, she and her friends are Gator fans so these were made for them.

Mickey is my friends favourite character, so when her 60th bithday came around I could not resist but to make her a special card. Diane loved her card.
This next card is for the same person as unfortunately she has had to undergo some hospital treatment this week, she is on the mend but our thoughts are with her as she goes through a trying time.

The Daisy Duck card was for another friend who also turned 60 this year but unfortunately I did not realise it was her birthday until too late ... oops sorry Melody, better late than never. The Inside of the card says 'I just forgot the date' a very useful stamp especially for me who has a memory like a sieve.

Well as much as I don't really like thinking about it, Christmas is looming and therefore I have actually started making those presents. When you handmake gifts it takes such a long time that you just have to start early! Next week I hope to get a couple of ideas up here for you, so you too can start on those Christmas presents. even hoping to visit a Hobby Lobby on Monday as last time I went I only had 5 minutes in the store before it closed (whose fault was that Hannah???) and 5 mins is nowhere near enough!
Have a good week and if you visit please be sure to leave a comment so I know who has dropped by.



  1. What a fantastic workroom and lucky you to be in sunny Florida. I love it out there and am coming over with 2 of my daughters in October and of course am planning a trip to Michaels and Joannes. Can you suggest anywhere else?
    Oh, love the tattoo too! lol

  2. Thanks, I can suggest a couple of really good little craft shops although it depends on where you are staying. e-mail me direct at and I will give you more info