Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Halloween !

Oops sorry lost a month, however if you take a look around the stores you could be mistaken for thinking it was Halloween next week ! This week I was treated to a night out to the 'Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party' at Magic Kingdom. I have been once before, but I was still in awe of the fantastic decorations, fireworks and parade. I especially liked the hug from Aladdin (A good friend of mine is 'friends' with him) In the UK Halloween is such a small celebration in comparison to here in the USA. It is still quite amazing to me how Halloween parties can run from early September through to Nov 1st and have sooooo many people attend them. This year we decided to join in and try to dress for the occassion, but with only 24hrs notice and no real time to make a costume for 3 , we pulled out all the stops and went as pirates. Not very imaginative but at least we took part. The picture below shows our elaborate costumes.

I decided to continue with the theme of the week and make a couple of Halloween cards and a note pad holder to put in the shop where I have a baskets of things for sale. Lets hope they sell. The cards were made using the Paper Dolls Dress Up Cart (cricut) and the pumpkin came from Stretch your Imagination. All the dolls shown this week were cut at 4".

I again made this next note pad holder as I wanted to show that they don't all have to be Disney based so I tried for something pretty that might appeal to anyone. Time will tell if I am right and it is saleable. It was probably the easiet one of these I have ever made and I think it took me about 20 minutes.
It is my Nephews Birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Matthew. I have all but given up on making cards for teenage boys as I find them impossible, but Matt is a fantastic tennis player and as I now have the Everyday Paper Dolls Dress Up Cart (cricut) I decided to go for it and make him a card this year. I was really pleased with how it turned out, just hope he likes it. He will now be entitled to learn to drive so stay out of his way !!!
My last card for this blog is just a simple girls birthday card, again using PPDU. I needed to spend my time this week restocking the cards from the shop, so have not had much time to create and play.

Well I think that's all for tonight, I am heading into the hospital tomorrow for a few days of rest and relaxation!!!! I wish! Unfortunately I have to have some surgery, so I hope it wont be too long before I am back and able to show you some new creations.
Thanks for looking

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