Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a quick mid week update this time to share some of the bits I have been making. I am really starting to get to grips with Christmas presents now as I am hoping to maybe get a quick trip back to the UK this side of Christmas, so it makes sense to get them made and take them with me rather than having to post them all. I really enjoy being able to make gifts for people rather than having to keep looking around the shops trying to decide on what to get. I just hope my family enjoy receiving them as much. Managed to get to a Hobby Lobby yesterday for more than just 5 Minutes, its a good job there is not one close by me. It was fantastic and I got some really good bits and pieces.

This 1st picture is of a scrapbook frame I made my hubby for his birthday. The Vinyl record is actually the original I have had for more than 25 yrs and I used to play it over and over and over again, listening to the words when I was hoping and dreaming he would notice me. He eventually did and the anniversary of our engagment is today (25 yrs ago). He really liked the frame and I think it was made more special by the fact that it was the original that I have kept all these years. Heres to the next 25 years.

This recipe tin was my next project. I really enjoyed doing this although it was quite a challenge. Covering the lid was the hardest part but I think the finished project was well worth the effort.

I made a couple more of these post it notes stands this week as an order for work. It seems that no sooner do I think I have finished the orders, then someone else orders one. Its great; I'm not earning enough to retire just yet but every penny counts. Going to make a Halloween frame today so looking forward to making a different style.

Finally for this blog are these really cute hanging decorations. I bought the baubles at Michaels and had not realised they had a flat front. It worked out ok in the end and they were so easy to do. I am really hoping to be able to set up a craft table somewhere soon to sell some of these.

I would really like to thank my DH for these latest photos, He has now set up a small studio lighting area to take the photos in and I think the quality is now so much better.

Well better get back to my craft desk, will post again at the weekend.
Thanks for taking the time to look.

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  1. Hello
    I too work at the big mouse too long ago. Love it so.. In fax we are coming down on halloween day with our DS,DDIL and DGS.If you don't mine would love too know if Disney will still have there halloween up? I want my DGS to see them..It been so long sence we live there. My DH was in the Navy then.I love to move back one day...
    You have a greeat post....
    Thanks Debi