Friday, August 14, 2009

Well another week has passed and unfortunately I have really not had much time to do any craft work. My sister Kerry arrived with her hubby Neil and son Bradley this week and it is sooooo nice to see some family, that is the hardest part about living away from the UK. Thank God for msn and web cams which make it all a bit more bearable. Just a couple of pictures to post this time so here goes..
I have made this frame for Kerry as a belated birthday pressie, she really seemed to like it, and for those who are not aware Kerry and I are actually 'step' sisters (how I hate that word !) but you would never know it. We have been together since I was 6. The sentiment on this frame is so relevant for us.

This card below is for a friend at work (Disney) who loves Belle, she would actually make a very good Belle. Happy Birthday Jenny !

The last one for today is an order I had to make a wedding card. I got the inspriation from the Cricut website, thanks to Tracey Gough, here's a link to her blog

I hope you can see on these pictures that I used embossed paper then highlighted it with 'stickles' and black crystals.
Well thats me done for this blog, will catch up again sometime next week.
Thanks for looking


  1. Can you email me the measurements you did for the Belle card? I love the fold out option of that. thanks!!!


  2. PLEASE PLEASE!! Would you also email me the measurements for the belle card??? And if it's not asking too much, the instructions for the tinkerbell card.