Saturday, February 27, 2010

Craft Fair Preparations

Want to start this Blog of by wishing my Dad a very Happy 80th Birthday, sorry I can't be there but I will be thinking of you all day.

Just 1 month to go until my table at Celebration's Farmers market and craft Fair, YIKES ! Trying to spend lots of time preparing items to sell, so going to try and update this on a more regular basis to show you all what I'm making , now I have finally finished my 30 sock cupcakes!

The challenge is making some things that are cheaper to buy rather than having a table full of expensive items that no-one can afford, but yet are still well made and good quality. I have found altering these note pads really fun and should certainly be within most peoples budgets.

The glass etching is going really well, it takes a cheap vase and turns it into something far more beautiful and hopefully worth a few more pennies.

I also took this large plain jar from Ikea and have turned it into a stylish cookie jar.

With the cut outs of the vinyl form the glass etching I made this candle and I love love love the way it has turned out. I am so tempted not to part with it at all, although the colour does not go with anything in my house so maybe I will just make myself one after everything else has been made.

Hello Kitty seems to be very very popular, I found these post it notes in the $ bin at Joann's and turned them into really cute notepad holders, I even headed back to Joann's to get a couple more, as I think (well hope) these will be a big hit.

Tonight I hope to get a couple of the frames finished that I have been working on so better get to it.

Will update with more, as and when I get them finished.

Thanks for stopping by and looking

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